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Tablet 127

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TVI Publication No. 12

Vindolanda Inventory No. 192b


This leaf, which appears to be intact at the top, bottom and right, contains a version of the report which is paralleled only in 128 and probably 129 . The text is very abraded throughout

n 1 ].Iu.[ ]
n 2 [renunti]um chortis viiii
n 3 [Batauor]um omnes ad loca
n 4 [q(ui) uideb]unt et impedimenta .r
5 ] uacat
n 6 [uacat? renu]ntiauerunt optiones
n 7 [et] curatores uacat
8 [detul]it Verecundus optio
n 9 [c.5]……