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TVII Tablet: 128
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Title: Report
Category: Military documents


A fragment of a leaf which is complete at the right-hand edge and perhaps at the foot. It contains a report made by an optio named Arquittius in a form which is paralleled in 127 (see also above, p.76).


. . . . . . .
1 renuntia[ue]r[unt optio-
n 2 nes et curatores
n 3 detulit Arquittius optio
n 4 (centuriae) Crescentis



2          curatores: the term occurs as a rank or regular position in units with cavalry, see Breeze (1974), 282-3, RMR 47.i.7, CEL82 (= ChLA X 431). Elsewhere, it probably denotes a specific function or task rather than a regular rank (Gilliam (1986), 109-13, O.Flor., p.24) and this may well be the case here. If we had the local equivalent of curatores praesidii (see O.Flor., loc. cit.), they might be in charge of small detachments outposted to local fortlets (cf. 154.16 note and introduction).

3          Arquittius: for this name as a gentilicium see LE 126, 403; it does not seem to occur as a cognomen.

4          For a century of Crescens see 148.2 and note. The name is very common.

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