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TVII Tablet: 135
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Title: Report of the 9th cohort of Batavians
Category: Military documents


The hand in which this report is written is of good quality. The top and right-hand margin are preserved intact and the largest of three detached scraps supplies part of lines 3-4. The second and third scraps contain part of the date in line 1. It is noteworthy that the date stands alone in line 1, with a medial point and a uacat following. The other side of the leaf contains four lines of a text written in a tiny script, the nature of which we have not been able to elucidate (394).


n 1 [c.3] Idus Ma[ ]as ·
2 [renunti]um coh(ortis) viiii Batauorum
n 3 omne[s ad] loca q(ui) uidebunt et impe-
n 4 dimen[ta c.7 ]a[
. . . . . . . . . . .



1          Id]us, ed. pr. One of the small fragments can now be seen to supply the beginning of Idus, with us and the beginning of the month-name on another. The position of these scraps, which can have had no more than four letters before what survives, was probably far enough to the left to make Ma[rti]as the more probable reading.

3          imm, ed. pr. The word omnes is what we now expect at the beginning of the line and it is not difficult to read the first three letters; the trace before the break is compatible with e. The loss implied by the previous line would just about accommodate the three more letters needed before loca. In the latter, c is curiously written almost exactly like p in impe- at the end of the line.

4          The trace at the right-hand end of the line which is signalled in the ed. pr. may not be ink. There is, however, a trace in the middle of the line which is probably the top of a. This would permit the restoration renunti]a[u-. Another possibility is that we have the same addition as in 127.4 (cf. 130.6); [praesenti]a is perhaps not too long for the available space.

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