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TVII Tablet: 138
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Title: Report
Category: Military documents


This fragment exhibits some deviation from the normal formula.


. . . . . . . . . .
n 1 ]… renuntia[uit
n 2 ]. optio (centuriae) Felicionis



1          It is not clear what preceded the verb. It is certainly not the end of impedimenta since the last letter cannot be a. It might be c, although we would expect to see the top of it if it were, but neither hoc nor h]aec is persuasive. It looks more like i which suggests a genitive (cf. 127.4 note).

2          The tiny scrap with traces of two letters followed by op appears to belong to this line. It is noteworthy that the centurial sign is written with a dot in the angle of the strokes, so placed that it cannot be intended as an interpunct after optio. We have not found this anywhere else in the tablets. For the century of Felicio see 166.1 note.

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