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TVII Tablet: 146
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Title: Report
Category: Military documents


This fragment is complete at the left- and right-hand margins. The back contains remains of three lines, much abraded and perhaps erased, written across the grain.


. . . . . . .
n 1 et inpedimenta uacat
n 2 uacat
3 [renun]tiauit Candidus
. . . . . . .



1          The marked serif on i and the form of n following are interesting. There are two marks at the end of the line, one horizontal and one oblique like an apex. It is not clear whether either or both of these are ink and, if so, deliberate marks of punctuation (see above, p.57 and cf. 248.i.2 note).

2          For the name Candidus in these reports see 148.1. The name is very common (cf. 181.2) and it is possible that these are two different men. Unfortunately the name of the century to which the Candidus of 146 belongs is not preserved.

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