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TVII Tablet: 150
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Title: Report
Category: Military documents


This fragment is probably intact at the left-hand margin. The text must have been written in short lines and the hand is a crude one; the feet of t and p are noteworthy.


. . . . . .
n 1 omnes ad l[
2 q(ui) uidebun[t et im-
n 3 pedimenta .[
n 4 ]..[
. . . . . . .



1          There is rather more space than we would expect between m and n in omnes, but despite the loss of the tops of all the letters we are reasonably confident of the reading.

3          It is not certain whether there is the trace of a letter at the right before the tablet breaks off (cf. 127.4 and note). Normally renuntiauit would begin a new line.

4          The traces are too uncertain to offer a reading.

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