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Tablet 159

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.048.a


A fragment of the top left-hand corner of a leaf, complete only at the top and left. The space between the top edge and the first line of writing suggests that we might have the beginning of the document. The text is difficult to classify, not least because so little of it survives. It might be part of an account but it does not look like the other accounts which seem to relate to military units and it has no date. It is noteworthy that lines 4 and 6 are indented by a considerable amount. The fact that it refers to a turma indicates the presence of cavalry at Vindolanda.

n 1 _turm.[
n 2 hordiar[
n 3[
n 4 exe.[
n 5 penes tur[
n 6 xx[
n 7 ..[
. . . .