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Tablet 161

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 88.837


The left-hand portion of a very large diptych (compare 154) with two notches and two tie-holes in the left-hand edge. At the left there are remains of perhaps 12 lines written along the grain. The text may be a simple list of names, cf. 365, 367, 491, P.Quseir al-Quadim 18 (Bagnall (1986)); the surface is abraded at the right and if there was any writing in this area, which one might expect if it were an account, it has completely disappeared. The hand looks similar to that of 154; since the two tablets were found in close proximity it is possible that this is a list of soldiers of the cohors i Tungrorum. Of the names we have deciphered, almost all of which are common, only Expeditus, Fuscus and Verecund..... might occur elsewhere, the first in a request for leave attributed to a different period (171.a.1 and note), the second in an account (206.back 5) and the third in 457.

. . . . . .
n 1 traces of 2 lines
2 Fuscus
3 Settius
n 4 Expeditus
n 5 Albinus
6 Verecund.....
n 7 ..le.
n 8 Festus
9 traces of ?3 lines
. . . . . .