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TVII Tablet: 166
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Title: Request for leave to Cerialis from ]danus of the century of Felicio
Category: Military documents


This fragment is almost certainly complete at the top and the right.


n 1 ]danus (centuriae) Felicionis
n 2 [ro]go domine Cerialis
n 3 traces
. . . . . . . . .


" ...danus of the century of Felicio. I ask, my lord Cerialis ..."


1          ]danus: RNGCL offers about a dozen possibilities for names with this ending. Possible alternative readings are ]ormus and ]ornus; for cognomina with the first termination NPEL offers only Hormus and Euhormus, both very rare; for the latter the possibilities are again limited: Necornus (NPEL), Cornus (?), Capricornus (LC).
The century of Felicio occurs in another commeatus request (168) and in a report (138). Felicio (centurio) also occurs in two accounts (182.i.6 and 193.1), but the name is common and we cannot be certain that we have the same Felicio in all these texts.

2          The g of ro]go is very large and rises well above the line. The first three letters of Cerialis are almost completely abraded but the slight traces favour this reading as against Genialis.

3          Only sporadic traces of the tops of letters remain. If this line was indented, as seems to be the norm, the traces could fit the reading di[gn]um [m]e hab[e]as.

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