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TVII Tablet: 167
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Title: Request for leave to Cerialis
Category: Military documents


This fragment is complete at the left-hand margin, where there may be the remains of one or two v-shaped notches; it may also be complete at the top (see line 1 note). A tiny scrap with exiguous traces of letters from two lines, which we have not attempted to transcribe, cannot be placed with any confidence.


n 1 traces?
n 2 rogo domine Cerialis
n 3 dignum me h[abeas
. . . . . . .


"... I ask, my lord Cerialis, that you consider me a worthy person ..."


1          There may be faint traces of two or three descenders, but see 170 which appears to begin with rogo.

2          The first letter of rogo is enlarged. Only the bottoms of the letters in the name survive, but there is no real doubt about the reading.

3          Only the tops of the first five letters survive but dignum fits the traces very well. Thereafter only very faint marks are visible which are compatible with me h[. This line was certainly indented (cf. 174.2).

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