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TVII Tablet: 168
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Title: Request for leave to Cerialis from ? of the century of Felicio
Category: Military documents



n 1 ] (centuriae) Felicionis
n 2 [rogo domi]ne Cerialis
3 [di]gnum me habeas
n 4 [cu]i de[s comm]eatum
. . . . . . . . .


"... of the century of Felicio. I ask, my lord Cerialis, that you consider me a worthy person to whom to grant leave ..."


1          For the century of Felicio see 166.1.

2          This line must have projected at the left, as seems to be normal in these applications.

4          [cu]i: there appears to be a dash over the end of this word; perhaps an abnormally long top-stroke of c, for which cf. 149.2.

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