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Tablet 171

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TVI Publication No. 35

Vindolanda Inventory No. 175


The pattern of applications for leave suggests that this text, tentatively assigned to the correspondence of Genialis in the ed. pr., is another such, despite the difficulties inherent in reading and interpreting the two lines on fragment (b). The three fragments were found together, however, and there is every reason to think that they belong to the same tablet. It is notable that the lines are widely spaced and we think that the fragment (b), which we identified as containing part of column ii, perhaps fits below the major fragment (a), thus giving a text written on a half leaf (but there may be something missing in between). The two small fragments, of which the larger contains two letters (ut?), the smaller only one unidentifiable trace, cannot be placed with any confidence. The centurial symbol in a.1 has an unusually long tail.

n 1 ]ditus (centuriae) Vern..[..].
2 [rog]o domine Cerialis
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . .
n 1 ][
n 2 ]..s.erler.[
. . . .
1 . .
2 ut[
3 . .


"I, Expeditus (?) of the century of Vern.., ask, my lord Cerialis ..."