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Tablet 176

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.187


The text on this fragment may be practically complete. It appears to be the only case in which the applicant specifies the purpose of the leave as well as his destination (see notes to lines 4-5), which is of some interest in view of Vegetius' statement about the difficulty of obtaining leave (2.19, quoted above, p.77). Both the destination and the purpose are, however, unfortunately obscure. A small scrap with a tie-hole and the remains of a v-shaped notch may contain a few letters from the beginning of a line (unless the marks are dirt), possibly line 5. The back is blank.

n 1 Buccus t.[
n 2 rogo domine dignum
n 3 me habeas cui des c[o]m-
n 4 [m]eatum ut possi[m
n 5 [ c.6 ]e.ere fa.[


"Buccus ... I ask, my lord, that you consider me a worthy person to whom to grant leave at ... so that I might ..."