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Tablet 178

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.043


This account is written along the grain on a half-diptych and is probably complete. The back of the leaf is blank. The heading reditus castelli is followed by five consecutive dates in July of an unnamed year, each related to a sum in cash. The final line offers a total which must be in excess of 80 denarii (see note to line 6). The existence of daily accounts of income or revenues of the fort is of some interest, though one can only speculate on general grounds as to what their source may have been; perhaps the sale to the surrounding populace of foodstuffs or manufactured items.

The hand is a very competent cursive with several features of interest. The form of g, especially in line 2 and line 5, is new at Vindolanda (see 174.2 note). In the dates the initial i is large (cf. 291.i.3); u is sometimes made in two straight strokes, the first a long diagonal and the second a vertical.

1 _reditus castelli
2 vi K(alendas) Aug(ustas) (denarii) xxxvi s(emis)
3 v K(alendas) Aug(ustas) (denarii) xxvii
4 iiii K(alendas) Aug(ustas) (denarii) [
5 iii K(alendas) Aug(ustas) (denarii) √[
n 6 pr(idie) K(alendas) Aug(ustas) (denarii) xv.[
n 7 summa (denarii) lx[


"Revenues of the fort:

27 July, denarii 36_

28 July, denarii 27

29 July, denarii ..

July, denarii 5+

31 July, denarii 15+

total, denarii 80+."