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Tablet 182

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 88.947


               A diptych containing an account written in two columns along the grain. On the back of each half of the leaf are a few lines written by the same hand which probably belong to the same account. The text, which is virtually complete, records cash sums, in most cases for specified goods, notable among which is a horse (ii.12); these could well be sums still owed by individuals for the goods, those deleted with horizontal lines representing debts repaid. Since this text is attributed to Period 4 it presumably reflects a level below that of the officer class and may be a compilation by a civilian trader doing business with soldiers or a mixture of soldiers and civilians (see 180, introduction, 184, introduction).

               The hand is a respectable cursive which uses an idiosyncratic form of o, open at the right and therefore looking more like c.

n n 1 [c.5 [[c]ornicen pretio
n n 2 [c.4 ]s m(odiorum) xv (denarios) xii (assem i) s(emissem) (quadrantem)]]
n n 3 [re]bus minutis (denarios) ii (asses ii)
n 4 [[Sabinus Treuer (denarios) xxiix s(emissem) (asses ii)]]
n 5 Ircucisso ex pretio lardi (denarios) xiii s(emissem)
n n 6 Felicio (centurio) lardi p(ondo) xxxxv
n n 7 item lardi pernam p(ondo) xv s(emissem)
n 8 fiun{n}t p(ondo) lx s(emissem) (denarios) viii (asses ii)
n 9 item accipi. reb<us> minutis (denarios) vi (asses ii) s(emissem) (quadrantem)
10 Vattus [
11 [[Victor ua.[]]
12 [[pretio caballi []]
13 [[Exomnius (centurio) (denarios) []]
14 Atrectus ceruesar[ius
15 ex pretio ferri (denarios) i[
16 pretio exungiae (denarios) xi (asses ii)
17 Andecarus (denarios) uacat
18 Sanctus (denarios) uacat
19 ].is
20 [[]..e.arius (denarios) ii s(emissem) (assem i) .]]
21 [[ traces ]]
22 [.]fic....b.u.... (denarios) ii s(emissem).
23 Sautenus (denarii) s(emissem) (assem i) (quadrantem)
24 [
25 uacat      
27 Traces of three lines


"[[..., bugler, for the price of

... modii 15, denarii 12, asses 1_]]

likewise, for sundries, denarii 2, asses 2

[[Sabinus from Trier, denarii 38_, asses 2]]

Ircucisso, as part of the price of bacon, denarii 13_

Felicio the centurion, bacon, 45 pounds

likewise, bacon-lard, 15_ pounds

total, 60_ pounds, denarii 8, asses 2

likewise, he (?) has received for sundries denarii 6, asses 2_

Vattus ...

[[Victor ...]]

[[for the price of a horse ...]]

[[Exomnius the centurion, denarii ...]]

Atrectus the brewer,

as part of the price of iron, denarii ..

for the price of pork-fat, denarii 11, asses 2

Andecarus, denarii

Sanctus, denarii

(Back) ...

...arius, denarii 2_, asses 1+


..., denarii 2_+

Sautenus, denarii _, asses 1_