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Tablet 183

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 89.978


A fragment of a leaf containing five lines of an account. This may be intact at the top and left but it seems unlikely that what we have is the beginning of the account. It is possible that it was the right-hand part of a diptych with the account written in two columns along the grain, like 182.

n 1 .utori (centurioni) uacat
n 2 ferri p(ondo) lxxxx [
3 Ascanio (denarios) xxxii[
n 4 Candido ad porco[s
n 5 uector[i
. . . . . . . .
n Back    ]


"to ...tor, centurion,
iron, 90 lbs ...
to Ascanius, denarii 32+
to Candidus, in charge of the pigs ...
to ..., transporter ..."