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Tablet 192

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.010.b


This account is written on the upper half of a double leaf which has a v-shaped notch and a tie-hole in the top edge. The lower half is blank. As the first line and the docket on the back make clear, the account records items received from Gavo (see also 207 and cf. 218.3) and contains a miscellany of edible and textile commodities which appears more likely to relate to the domestic needs of the praetorium than to the official requirements of the unit. Gavo seems to be an entrepreneur or supplier of goods, whether military or civilian is not clear; there is no evidence for his whereabouts. The hand is a well-formed cursive. In its general character it is very similar to the hand responsible for 207, which is also an account from Gavo, and one might expect them to be the work of the same writer, especially in view of the fact that in both texts the name is written as Gauuo on the front and as Gauo on the back; but we are less than certain since, for example, the form of u employed in Gauuone in the first line of the two texts is very different.

n 1 a Gauuone
n 2 bedocem (denarios) [
n 3 fabae m(odios) .v (denarios) [
n n 4 lanae p(ondo) xxxiix[
n 5 p(ondo) . (denarios) xii s(emissem) (assem i) [
n 6 tosseas iii [
7 mellis m(odios) [
8 sagum [
9 s(umma) [[(denarii) lxx[]]
n 10 (denarii) [
n 1 ratio Gauonis


"From Gavo
a coverlet (?), denarii ...
of beans, modii 55 (?), denarii ..
of wool, 38 lbs, [
.. lbs, denarii 12½, as 1 ...
bedspreads 3, denarii .. (?)
of honey, modii .. denarii .. (?)
a sagum, denarii .. (?)
total, [[denarii 70(plus)]]
denarii ..
(Back) Account of Gavo."