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Tablet 195

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 87.597.c


A fragment of a leaf with writing on both sides, that on the one side upside down in relation to the other. The large space below the single line of writing on one of the faces suggests that this ought to be taken as the back. It is not possible to establish whether 195 belongs to the same text as 194; on the hand see 194, introduction. The items in the list include clothing and a knife.

n 1 tunica. [
n 2 pater[
n 3 iu.iola[
n 4 abollam [
n 5 abollam [
. . .
. . .
6 ?] cultrum [


"Tunic(s) ...



an abolla ...

an abolla ...


(Back, 2nd hand) ...

a knife"