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Tablet 196

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 87.598


This diptych is complete at the top, bottom and left-hand edge. There are two tie-holes and one notch at the top and the bottom. The tablet was found in Room VIII, identified as a kitchen in the Period 3 praetorium, but the text on the front is a list of textile items. It indicates (lines 12, 15) that some items were obtained from Tranquillus and some from Brocchus. The missing right-hand side of the leaf presumably contained the numbers of the different items. The use of interpunct is noteworthy, particularly since it occurs consistently except after monosyllables. The text on the back which lists a miscellany of non-textile items may be written by a different hand (see 194 introduction) and may well not be part of the same list as that on the front (see back 1 note). We think it likely that, like the other lists of utensils and clothing (194, 195, 197), this text records property in the household of Flavius Cerialis and thus reflects the milieu of the equestrian military officer in the late first and early second century. For lists of clothing in the papyri see P.Wash.Univ. II 104 and introduction. For clothing in the north-western Roman empire, see Wild (1985). In cases where the differences between the various kinds of cloaks are obscure or unknown, we have not attempted to translate the terms (cf. 255.i.8-ii.10 note).

n 1 cubitori[a
n 2 lodicum · pa[r
n 3 paenulas · can[
n 4 de synthesi · [
n 5 paenulas · e.[
n n 6 et laenam · e[t
n 7 cenatoria[
n 8 sunthesi[
n 9 subpaenu[l
10 lia.[
n 11 subuclas · b[
n 12 á Tranqu[illo
13 subpaenu[l
14 [[á Tranquill[o]]
n 15 á Brocchó [
n 16 tunicas · im[
n 17 simici.[
n 18 tunicas · cen[
n 19 m2?cerui[
n 20 membra n(umero) [
n 21 catacysen [
n 22 ansatam
23 anulos · cum l[


for dining
pair(s) of blankets ...
paenulae, white (?) ...
from an outfit:
paenulae ...
and a laena and a (?) ...
for dining
loose robe(s) ...
under-paenula(e) ...
vests ...
from Tranquillus
under-paenula(e) ...
[[from Tranquillus]]
from Brocchus
tunics ...
half-belted (?) ...
tunics for dining (?) ...
(Back, 2nd hand?) ...
branches (?), number ...
a vase ...
with a handle
rings with stones (?) ..."