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Tablet 204

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.052.a-b


No join can be established between these two fragments. The larger (a) contains the remains of six lines of an account or a list written across the grain. The smaller (b) has exiguous remains of two lines which may well be in the same hand and might supply the end of the account. The list appears to contain foodstuffs and may concern the domestic organisation of the praetorium rather than the military unit as a whole.

n 1 _mandat[
n 2 .a...[
n 3 lent.s [
n 4 ligust..[
n 5 amuli [
6 ]...[
. . .
. . .
n 1 ]uri
n 2 uacat
3 ]mma [
. . .


"Items ordered (?):

beans (?)





butter (?)

total ... (?)"