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Tablet 207

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.018


A diptych made up of fifteen fragments. There are two notches and two tie-holes at the top and bottom. The placement of two very small scraps in lines 2 and 3 is tentative and there is one other scrap with writing across the grain which must belong to a different tablet. As is clear from the notation on the back, the text is an account of Gavo, like 192, but differs in that it appears to be concerned exclusively with clothing (saga, sagaciae, tunicae, palliola and at least two other items). It is possible that the account records supplies from Gavo which were then distributed or that there are sub-categories of items received from or distributed to other people (see notes to lines 4, 11). The highest number of items recorded is 15 (line 6) and this perhaps suggests that the clothes were for military rather than domestic use. On the hand see 192, introduction.

n 1 _a Gauuone
n 2 sagá n(umero) iii
n 3 [[sagacias n(umero) vii]]
n 4 uacat
5 [ c.8 ].ó
n 6 ]s n(umero) v
n 7 ]us n(umero) xv
n 8 [c.3]ral.[ ] n(umero) .
n 9 [t]unicam [
10 [e]t palliola n(umero) vii
n 11 tunicas n(umero) v
12 a Marco .[c.4]..
13 palliola [n(umero) ]x
14 tunicas [n(umero) ]ii
n 1 [ratio] Gauonis


"From Gavo
saga number, 3
[[sagaciae number, 7 (?)]]
from (?)
... number, 5
... number, 15
capes (?) number, ..
a tunic
and palliola number, 7
tunics number, 5
from Marcus the optio (?)
palliola number, 10 (?)
tunics number, 2 (?)
(Back) Account of Gavo."