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TVII Tablet: 216
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Title: Letter from Vittius Adiutor (?) to Saecularis (?)
Category: Correspondence of Saecularis


Five lines of a letter, with some use of interpunct. The writing in 214 and 216 is certainly the work of the same hand; the form of i, with a serif at the top left, is very interesting. It is striking that both leaves have semicircular indentations at the left margin which are presumably notches (also in Since these leaves are both left-hand portions they could only belong to the same letter if it had been written on more than one diptych (cf. 292, 343), but it is very likely that both letters come from Adiutor (even if the hand is not his own) and that both tablets come from the same batch of writing-material.


. . . . . .
1 rent [
2 si · e[ c.6 ] traces
3 ui · et te t...ere...[
n 4 conseruent sc..[
n 5 pot.ra. emeram[
. . . . . .



4          conseruent: u is difficult but there seems to be no other possibility.

5          The reading poteram can be envisaged (e.g. "I bought as much as I could"); e can be read if we assume that the top has disappeared; the last letter is quite obscured by dirt.

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