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Tablet 226

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.001


These small fragments fall into three groups of which one (a) gives us the beginnings of 13 lines, the others, (b) and (c), the ends of 9 lines. We cannot establish the relationship between the three groups, however. We may have the beginnings and ends of lines in a single column of writing, with the middle of the lines missing (but we cannot match beginnings and ends of individual lines); or we may have the remains of a text in two columns, with the ends of lines in column i and the beginnings of lines in column ii surviving; or we may have drafts of two separate letters, possibly about the same subject, on the same leaf (cf. Sijpesteijn and Worp (1977), RMR 89 = P.Dura 66 = CEL 191).

There seems to be only one possible erasure, but the large diagonal strokes on the fragments containing the ends of lines suggest that the draft was crossed out. There are few clues to the subject-matter, but the occurrence of the word desertores is notable; perhaps Cerialis is writing to another unit commander about returning some deserters who have been apprehended (cf. a.10-12 note).

1 illum .[
2 et illi.[
3 traces
n 4 [[r]] st..[
n 5 .olgi.[. ]..[
6 ..[
7 et[
8 f[ ]m..[
9 cui pr.[
n 10           desertores [
n 11 ad te cum [
n 12 mus.. per .[
n 1 ].. mili
2 ]cui
n 3 ]m[.]
4 ]...
. . . .
. . . .
1 ] ad te ..
n 2 ]gio suo
n 3 ] per illum
n 4 ]lum commi
5 ].[..].