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Tablet 227

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.011


These two fragments contain a draft by the hand identified as that of Cerialis. It is evident from the physical characteristics of the wood that they belong together, probably to half of a diptych, but they do not join. If the hand really is that of Cerialis (see 225, introduction), the reference to Cerialis mei in b.2 presents problems of interpretation. The easiest solution is to suppose that Flavius Cerialis is writing about his son who is also called Cerialis. If the reference is to the prefect himself, the letter must be from Lepidina and so we must either have the hand of an amanuensis or, more probably, we must suppose that Cerialis drafted the letter for his wife. There is not enough surviving text to give much clue to the content. The substitution of ualetudinem for natalem in b.2 is odd and it looks as though it may be part of an excuse; that is, the writer cannot do something because of the birthday of Cerialis or, on second thoughts, his state of health. This is not easy; in particular it is difficult to see how to supply the negative which would be required with licuerit. The celebration of birthdays plays a significant part in the social life of the inhabitants of the praetorium in the frontier region (see 291).

n 1 [[Flauius Cerialis]] uacat
2 uacat
. . . . . . . . . . . .
1 .[
n 2 [[natalem]] ualetudinemCerialis mei
n 3 licuerit liquere
4 enim [[uobis]] tibi de animo