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TVII Tablet: 235
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Title: Letter from Cerialis to Similis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


A fragment containing the first line of a draft or copy of a letter from Flavius Cerialis to Similis. He must surely be the same person as Flavius Similis, the writer of 254 and 286; note also the letter from Rhenus, the slave of Similis, 347. There is no evidence for Similis' rank or unit and these texts strongly suggest that he was not at Vindolanda.
The hand could well be the same as that in 240, also a draft or copy of a letter from Cerialis. There are also similarities to the hands of 233 and 234 but we think the latter unlikely to be the same hand and we are unsure about the former.


1 Flauius Cerialis Simili suo
n 2 traces
. . . . . . . . .



2          The top of an ascender is visible below r of Cerialis and this will belong to the first line of the body of the letter. Possible traces further to the right, may be part of salutem.

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