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TVII Tablet: 243
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Title: Letter from Brocchus to Cerialis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


A fragment containing the beginning of a letter from Brocchus to Cerialis. We would normally expect this to be the left-hand side of a diptych but the right-hand edge appears to contain two v-shaped notches, which would indicate that this is the right-hand half. If these are deliberate, it may be that the message was a short one and was written on half a tablet (cf. 247). An alternative explanation is that we have a letter like that of Octavius (343) which began on the right-hand side of the leaf. The hand which wrote this fragment, however, seems to us very likely to be that of 244, 248 and 291, and if this is correct, the scribe surely would not have begun at the right, contrary to his normal habit. That the writers of both 248 and 243 put the words suo salutem on the second line of the text is a further argument in favour of their identity.


1 [Aelius B]rocchus Ceriali
n 2 suó; salutem
n 2 ] fráter [
. . . . . . . .



2          salutem: for the oblique mark after salutem (here not certain) see above, p.57.

3          fráter: there is no sign of writing in the line after frater which is placed very high in relation to line 2, and we suggest that it is an interlinear addition. The mark over a is almost horizontal but is probably deliberate in view of the use of the apex elsewhere.

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