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TVII Tablet: 245
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Title: Letter from Brocchus (?) to Cerialis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


A fragment of the right-hand portion of a letter almost certainly written by the same hand as that of 292 to Lepidina from Severa. The address on the back may indicate that it was sent to Cerialis, not to Lepidina, and in that case it would be natural to suppose that it came from Aelius Brocchus. Not enough survives to indicate the subject of the correspondence. There are four other fragments which may be by the same hand and may be associated with this text, but we have failed to establish any convincing joins and have therefore treated them as parts of separate texts (246, 403, 404, 406).


. . . . .
1 [..].[..].[.]..[
n 2 ..ró et d[
n 3 tercurar[
. . . . .
1 [Flauio Ce]ria[li
2 praef(ecto) coh(ortis)
. . . . . . . .



2          There is also occasional use of the apex in 292 (e.g. Brocchó, a.i.3).

3          A possible restoration would be fra]ter followed by some part of the verb curar[e, but there are obviously other possibilities. At the left edge there may be a trace of a letter from the end of a line in the left-hand column.

4          1. We have only the bottoms of letters but the restoration of Ce]ria[li is very probable, especially in view of the title following.

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