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TVII Tablet: 247
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Title: Letter to Cerialis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


Part of a leaf containing the foot of the right-hand column of a letter to Cerialis. The notch in the left-hand edge looks deliberate and probably indicates a letter written (or concluding on?) a half-diptych, cf. 243. The evidence relating to Cerialis' wife Lepidina and the pattern of expression in 291 and 244 make it clear that the reading of line 1 in the ed. pr. was wide of the mark, as is that of CEL 93.1. The first hand is very idiosyncratic and we cannot parallel it in any of the other tablets; a in tuam, for example, is very odd.


. . . . . . . . .
n 1 Lepidinam tuam a me saluta
n n 2 m2 uale mi domine
3 frater karissime
1 m1Flauio Ceriali
2 traces
. . . . .


"Greet your Lepidina from me. (2nd hand) May you be well, my lord and dearest brother. (Back, 1st hand) To Flavius Cerialis ..."


1          a me saluta: cf. 260.6.

2          The hand may well be the same as the second hand of 248, in which case it is likely to be the hand of Aelius Brocchus (see 248.ii.12-4 note).

uale mi domine: in the ed. pr. we hesitantly suggested ualeas. The reading adopted, which was suggested by Cugusi (1987), 118 and CEL 93.2, is certainly preferable, although the form of m is decidedly odd.

2          Below the address to Cerialis there are traces at the bottom edge of the fragment which we did not notice in the ed. pr. These are too exiguous to hazard a reading.

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