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Tablet 248

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TVI Publication No. 21

Vindolanda Inventory No. 188


This letter from Niger and Brocchus is almost certainly written by the same hand as that of 243 (from Brocchus), 291 (from Claudia Severa to Lepidina) and 244. Whether it is in the same hand as 295 (Oppius Niger to Priscinus) is discussed in the introduction to 295, where the identity of the various persons in the tablets called Niger is also discussed. We think that Niger in the present text is more likely to be Valerius Niger (465) than Oppius Niger.

1 Niger et Brocchus Ceriali
n 2 suo salutem
n 3 óptamus frater it quot
4 acturus es felicis-
5 simum sit erit autem
6 quom et uotis nostris
8 conueniat hoc
n 9 pro te precari et tú
n n 10 sis dignissimus con-
n 11 sulari n(ostro) utique ma-
n n 12 turius occurres
n n 13 m2op<t>amus frater
n n 14 bene ualere te
15 domine traces no. exspec
1 m1 [Fl]au[io] Cerial[i
2 [prae]f(ecto) coh(ortis)
3 traces?


"Niger and Brocchus to their Cerialis, greeting. We pray, brother, that what you are about to do will be most successful. It will be so, indeed, since it is both in accord with our wishes to make this prayer on your behalf and you yourself are most worthy. You will assuredly meet our governor quite soon. (2nd hand) We pray, our lord and brother, that you are in good health ... expect ... (?) (Back, 1st hand) To Flavius Cerialis, prefect of the cohort ..."