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Tablet 250

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TVI Publication No. 22

Vindolanda Inventory No. 1


A letter of recommendation from Karus to Cerialis. In our commentary to the ed. pr. we suggested that the writer might be Iulius Karus of AE 1951.88. However 251 has now produced evidence for a correspondent of Cerialis with the name Claudius Karus and it is much more probable that this is our man; he is likely to be a fellow-prefect. On litterae commendaticiae note, in addition to the bibliography cited in the ed. pr., Speidel and Seider (1988), Vendrand-Voyer (1983). In the ed. pr. (p.106) we stated that Tab.Vindol.I 54 (= 526) and 55 (= 173) might also be litterae commendaticiae; in neither case do we now think this probable and the latter is surely a request for commeatus.

Some significant changes from the ed. pr., especially in lines 5-10, are signalled in the notes.

n 1 [ c.4 ]ius Karus C[e]r[iali
2 [su]o uacat s[alutem
n 3 [ c.4 ]brigionus petit a me
n 4 [domi]ne ut eum tibi com-
n n 5 mendaret rogo ergo do-
n 6 mine si quod a te petierit
n n 7 [u]elis ei subscribere
n 8 Annio Equestri (centurioni) regi-
n 9 onario Luguualio ro-
n n 10 go ut eum commen-
n 11 [ c.4 ] digneris .[...
n 12 [...].que nom[ine
13 debetorem m[e tibi
14 obligaturus op[to
n 15 te felicissimum
n 16 bene [[f]]ualere
17 uacat   
n 18 m2uale frater
1 m1[C]eriali
2 praef(ecto)


" ...ius Karus to his Cerialis, greetings. ... Brigionus (?) has requested me, my lord, to recommend him to you. I therefore ask, my lord, if you would be willing to support him in what he has requested of you. I ask that you think fit to commend him to Annius Equester, centurion in charge of the region, at Luguvalium, [by doing which] you will place me in debt to you both in his name (?) and my own (?). I pray that you are enjoying the best of fortune and are in good health. (2nd hand) Farewell, brother. (Back, 1st hand) To Cerialis, prefect."