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TVII Tablet: 251
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Title: Letter from Claudius Karus to Cerialis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


A fragment containing the opening of a letter from Claudius Karus to Cerialis. It is very likely that Claudius Karus is to be identified with the writer of 250, a letter of recommendation to Cerialis. Karus was presumably a prefect of another unit but cannot be further identified (see 250, introduction). The hand of the present text is a very much better one than that of 250. It is notable that it uses two distinct forms of l, the first angular, the second with hooks at top and bottom.


n 1 Claudius Karus Ceriali su[o
. . . . . . . . .



1          Despite the faintness of the last two letters of Karus, there is no doubt about the reading.

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