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Tablet 255

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.033


A complete leaf containing a letter in two columns from Clodius Super to Cerialis. Clodius Super may be a centurion (see note to line 20), in which case the somewhat familiar form of the closing greeting is interesting (cf. 242.ii.2-3). We have not been able to identify him in any other texts, however, and there is no clue to his whereabouts. The main purpose of the letter is to record that the writer was pleased that Valentinus, just returned from Gaul, had approved some clothing and to request that Cerialis should send him (sc. Super) some cloaks and tunics for his pueri (see note to line 7). The right-hand side of the letter is rather abraded and lines ii.12-14 present problems of reading and interpretation which we have not been able to solve satisfactorily. If our suggestions are on the right lines, Super is saying that he has difficulty in procuring the clothing which his pueri may need in readiness for a transfer (?).

The hand is a good, regular cursive which uses two different forms of d (lines i.1, 4) and l (line i.3) as well as a very idiosyncratic u, which is almost a flat dash (line 4); c occurs in two forms, one like p (line 1), the other the more usual form (e.g. line 4).

n 1 [Cl]odius Super Ceriali suo
2 salutem
n 3 [V]alentinum n(ostrum) a Gallia reuer-
4 sum commode uestem adprobas-
5 se gratulatus sum per quem
n 6 te saluto et rogo ut ea quae
n 7 ussibus puerorum meorum
n n 8 opus sunt mittas mihi sa-
n 9  
n 10 gacias sex saga [c.3 pallio-]
n n 11 la septem tu[nicas se]x
n n 12 quae scis certe hic me no[n
n n 13 rite impetrare cum simus
n n 14 nona.cusi etiam ad eo[rum
n 15 translationem ualeas
n 16 domine frater
n 17 carissime et [ c.8 ]s
18 sime traces?
n 20 m1Flauió Ceria-
21 li praef(ecto)
22 a [C]l[o]dio Supero (centurione)


"Clodius Super to his Cerialis, greetings. I was pleased that our friend Valentinus on his return from Gaul has duly approved the clothing. Through him I greet you and ask that you send me the things which I need for the use of my boys, that is, six sagaciae, n saga, seven palliola, six (?) tunics, which you well know that I cannot properly get hold of here, since we are ... ready (?) for the boys' transfer (?). (2nd hand) May you fare well, my dearest lord and brother, and ... (Back, 1st hand) To Flavius Cerialis, prefect, from Clodius Super, centurion."