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Tablet 257

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.117


Part of the beginning of a letter on the left-hand side of a diptych from a person named Valatta, probably a woman (see note to line 1). Two small fragments with writing have become detached and their placement has to be deduced (see notes to lines 1 and 3). There are two tie-holes at the left-hand side. The hand bears some resemblance to that of 311 but is somewhat cruder. The reference to Lepidina in line 5 leaves no doubt that the letter was written to Cerialis. This is the only letter to him which is apparently from a woman. What survives of the content suggests that she was asking for some favour or concession (perhaps compare 322, 344).

n 1 Valatta [Ceriali suo
n 2 s[alutem
n 3 rogo domine re[
n 4 teritat[e]m tuam [
5 et per Lepidinam quod [
n 6 mihi concedas uacat
n 7 ].[
. . . . . . .


"Valatta to her Cerialis, greetings. I ask my lord that you relax your severity (?) and through Lepidina that you grant me what I ask (?) ..."