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Tablet 260

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 86.412


The right-hand side of a diptych which contains the whole of the right-hand column of a letter from Iustinus to Cerialis. This seems to be guaranteed by the presence of notches in the right-hand edge and it is therefore odd that we seem to have lost one or two letters at the ends of some of the lines (cf. 215.6). We can only assume that a small amount of the leaf has been lost by abrasion. Iustinus does not appear elsewhere, but his use of the terms domine frater in lines 4-5 and col(lega) in line 11 strongly suggests that he was a fellow-prefect. It is notable that the hand in which the text is written does not change in line 4 where the closing salutation begins; it is possible, therefore, that this is the hand of Iustinus himself, but it may be that we have lost a final uale in a second hand at the foot of the leaf. The content of the message proper suggests that this might possibly have been a letter of recommendation (cf. 250).

. . . . . . . .
n 1 de op...[
n n 2 esse scri[ c.7 i]n no[ti-
n 3 tiam tuam lubentissi-
n n 4 me perfero opto domin[e
n 5 frater felicissimus
n 6 bene ualeas saluta a m[e
n 7 Vindicem n(ostrum) et pueros
8 tuos uacat
n 1 Flauio Ceriali praef(ecto)
n 2 coh(ortis) ·
3 a Iustino col(lega) ·


"... I have the greatest pleasure in bringing to your notice. I pray, my lord and brother, that you enjoy good health and the best of fortune. Greet from me our friend Vindex and your boys. (Back) To Flavius Cerialis, prefect of the cohort, from Iustinus his colleague."