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Tablet 263

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TVI Publication No. 23

Vindolanda Inventory No. 177


The right-hand portion of a diptych containing the end of a letter to Cerialis. A re-reading of the text on the back indicates that the letter was from a decurion named Vitalis. Other changes from the ed. pr. are signalled in the notes, but particular attention should be drawn to the new readings of the numerals associated with the Batavian cohorts (line ii.5 and line 2 on the back).

1 Ceriali su]o
2 3? lines lost
3 ].
4 ]si
5 ]m
. . . . . . . . .
n 1 c[ c.9 ].e tuó com-
n 2 m[ c.6 ].[.]..[.]et epistu-
n 3 las .[..].s · quas acceperas
4 ab Equestre centurione
n 5 coh(ortis) · iii · Batauorum .[.].i
n 6 ad te pr(idie) K(alendas) Ma.... .nos
7 ..e.[.]bene .[ c.4 ]amus
n 8 m2? dominam [ c.5 ]..[.].al.
n 9 ta o.............
n 10 uitali[..].............
1 m1 Flauio Ceriali
n 2 praef(ecto) coh(ortis) viiii Bat(auorum)
n 3 a Vitale decurione
n 4 a...[


" ... to his Cerialis ... ... and those letters which you (?) had received from Equester, centurion of the 3rd Cohort of Batavians, I sent (?) to you on 30 April (?) ... (2nd hand?) ... my mistress (?) ...(Back, 1st hand) To Flavius Cerialis, prefect of the 9th Cohort of Batavians, from Vitalis, decurion ..."