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TVII Tablet: 270
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Title: Letter to Cerialis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


Fragments of a double leaf containing parts of two columns of a letter to Cerialis. The hand bears some resemblance to that of 249 (from Oppius Niger), though the e in the latter is somewhat taller.


1 ]. Ceriali suo
2 salutem
n 3 ]rdiam agere
n 4 ]culus ne cuiquam
5 ]d moram fecit
6 ].r.s..rd[
. . . . .
n 1 aspr[
2 sebam[
3 cum h[
4 tuu[
5 as r[
6 sub[
. . .



i 3          ].ntiam, ed. pr. The earlier reading cannot be ruled out but we now prefer ]rdiam.

i 4          ]culus, ed. pr., ]sulus, CEL. The latter is a possible reading.

ii 1          Perhaps cf. Licinius Asper (224), but the word division may be -as pr[.

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