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TVII Tablet: 280
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Title: Letter to Cerialis
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


This scrap contains, on one side, the beginning of what is probably a letter to Cerialis and, on the other, the remains of three lines of which the last two are written upside down in relation to the front. The first line may be the remains of an address script and this suggests that the two following lines may be part of a different text, perhaps a draft, on the back of a discarded letter, written over the top and upside down. The two texts thus may well not be connected. The hand of the Cerialis text bears some resemblance to that of 233, which also has a second, apparently unconnected text.


1 ]uius Ceriali [
2 ].[
. . . . .
3 . . . . .
4 traces
5 ].missi ad cul.[
6 traces
. . . . .



1          In the ed. pr. we took this to be Fla]uius Ceriali[s, but if the writing on the back includes remains of an address to Cerialis (see note to back.1), this could only be the case if Cerialis used a discarded letter for a draft. It is more likely that the first word is the end of the name of the sender followed by Ceriali [suo.

3          The traces may be the remains of an address ]ali, written upside down in relation to the two following lines.

4          ].missis oculi.[, ed. pr. We suggested the phrase demissis oculis, which occurs commonly but not exclusively in poetic texts, but now think that the reading is not correct.

5          ]...t.amu..[, ed. pr. We no longer feel confident enough to offer even a tentative reading of these traces.

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