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Tablet 282

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 87.563


A complete diptych with remains of two columns of a letter. The left- and right-hand edges contain remains of notches and tie-holes. The left-hand column contains six lines of writing and the right six or seven. The address is written, as is usual, on the back of the right-hand portion. The writing is very abraded, particularly on the left-hand portion. It is nevertheless clear that the letter did not begin here and it seems evident that it must have been written on more than one diptych (cf. 292, 343). No substantive idea of the content can be gleaned. The letter may be addressed to Flavius Cerialis.

1 ...... et habet
2 ab traces
3 traces eras
4 ]...squam
5 traces nobis te
n 6 ]ex..nsue-
n n 7 tudine ama nos ..
n 8 exibe nobis .c.....
n 9 tat[c.3] traces
10 tuarum traces
11 traces
n 12 .r.fic c.11 ale
13 traces?
n 14 traces
n 15 ] viiii Bat(auorum)
16 traces


"... as is your custom (?), love us and show ... to us ... of your ... (Back) To ... of the 9th Cohort of Batavians."