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TVII Tablet: 283
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Title: Letter to Cerialis (?), referring to travelling-money
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


A fragment of what must be the right-hand portion of a diptych containing seven lines of a letter and on the back remains of an address to a prefect who could well be Flavius Cerialis.


. . . . . . .
1 ...[
n 2 peruer.......[
n 3 quos si .......[
n 4 Romam petere .o.[
n 5 quitur uiatico ....[
n 6 quod tabulas a..[
7 traces
. . . . . . .
n 1 [F]l[au]io Ceriali praef(ecto)
. . . . . . . . .



2          peruer.......: only the bottoms of letters survive at the right. We hesitantly suggest that a possible reading is per Verecundum, but note that the name is very common and need not refer to the prefect Iulius Verecundus (for whom see 210-12).

3          .at...., suggested in CEL 107, is impossible.

4          Romam: the reading of initial r is probable and only imam or omam could follow; we therefore still consider the reading likely to be correct.

At the end eo.[ or so.[, suggested in CEL 107, is impossible.

5          quitur: probably se]quitur or a compound.

uiatico: also in 330.2.

6          In the ed. pr. we suggested fibulas but now think that the second letter is better read as a. We might have quod fit si tabulas a..[, cf. 217.ii.1.

back 1          In the ed. pr. we suggested that a name such as Liburno would suit the traces. Only r is certain but ce preceding it looks plausible and we now think it is possible, though difficult, to read it as an address to Flavius Cerialis.

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