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TVII Tablet: 288
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Title: Letter to Cerialis (?)
Category: Correspondence of Cerialis


A fragment of the right-hand portion of a letter containing the end of the message proper and a closing greeting. The surviving text gives little clue to the content; it is possible that the sender is asking for instructions on how to reach the recipient. The possible attribution to the correspondence of Cerialis depends on the reading of line 3 (see note).


. . . . . .
1 r]ogo ergo [
2 qu]omodo ueni
n 3 ]...nam tuam
n 4 ]. m2 uale mi domine
5 karissime


"... I ask therefore ... how I might come (?) ... Greet (?) your ... . Farewell, my dearest lord."


3          ]...nam: the traces are compatible with ]idinam which suggests that we should restore Lep]idinam, the name of the wife of Cerialis. If this is correct, and assuming about 9 letters lost at the left, one might tentatively restore what remains along the following lines: r]ogo ergo [re-/scribas qu]omodo ueni-/[am ad te Lep]idinam tuam /[a me salut]a etc.

4          uale mi domine: cf. 247.2 and see 242.ii.2-3 note.

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