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TVII Tablet: 293
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Title: Letter from Claudia Severa (?) to Sulpicia Lepidina (?)
Category: Correspondence of Lepidina


A fragment of what must have been the right-hand side of a diptych containing the closure of a letter written in the same hand as the closures of Claudia Severa in 291.ii.11-4 and 292.b.back 1-3. The back contains traces which can be reconciled with an address to Lepidina.


. . . . .
n 1 m2uale ......[
2 soror karissima
3 traces
. . . . .
. . . .
n 1 m1traces
n 2 [a] Seuera



1          After uale there are clear traces which should probably be read as an, suggesting anima mea (cf. 291.ii.12-3, 292.b.back 2-3).

Back 1          The traces are very exiguous. No doubt the address was Sulpiciae Lepidinae Cerialis as in 291-2 but we do not feel confident enough to fit the traces to any satisfactory reading. At the right before the break we may have in[. It seems possible that this hand, which will have been the hand of the main part of the letter, is the same as either that in 292, 245 and 246, or that in 291, 243, 244 and 248.

Back 2          a] Cl(audia) Seuera is possible but not probable.

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