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Tablet 294

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.056.a


Part of a diptych containing the left-hand column of a letter to Lepidina. It is complete at the top and almost complete at the left, but there may be some lines lost at the foot. There are probably some 6-8 letters missing at the right, an estimate based on the restoration of suae in line 1 and s[alutem in line 2. We assume that the letter continued in another column on the lost right-hand portion of the diptych. The occurrence of salua in line 3 makes it certain that Lepidina's correspondent is a woman. Her name is difficult to read but it cannot be Claudia Severa; see further line 1 note. The surviving part of the letter does not enable us to be certain about the subject-matter. If line 6 has a reference to a fever or a cognate word (see note), it may be that the writer is promising to bring Lepidina some drugs or remedies (for concerns about health in Cerialis' household see 227). This hand is an interesting one, using two forms of l, a very upright and narrow e, an elaborate curve at the top of b and a flat u.

n 1 ] Lepidin[ae suae
2 s[alutem
n 3 ita sim salua domi[na
n n 4 ut ego duas an.[
n n 5             feram tibi alter[am
n n 6 alteram febric.[
7 et ideo me tibi e[
8 sed quatenus m.[
9 . . . . . . .


" ... Paterna (?) to her Lepidina, greetings. So help me God, my lady [and sister?], I shall bring (?) you two remedies (?), the one for ..., the other for fever (?) and therefore ... myself to you ... but insofar as ..."