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Tablet 300

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 87.608.a


This diptych preserves parts of the top, bottom and right-hand edges. The letter is written to Lucius, but the name of the sender, of which only the end survives, seems to be irrecoverable. The writing is generally very abraded and we can make nothing of the last part of col.i and the first part of col.ii. The part of the message which has survived records that the sender has despatched two equites to camp. This is appropriate to the identification of the addressee as Lucius the decurion (see back note).

n 1 ] c.8-9 Lucio suo
2 salutem
n 3 ] et Frontinum
4 equites remisi ad
n 5 castra iiii · K(alendas) Martias
n 6 [..]...llegas tibi r..
n 7 c.4 [ c.5 ] c.8
n 8 .u qui ... labore .....[
n 9 [[.]]hic ut scires scr....[
n 10 tibi opto frater ben[e
n 11 ualeas
n n 12 uacat
13 uale
n 14 traces
. . . . . . .   


"... to his Lucius, greetings. I sent back ... and Frontinus the cavalrymen to the camp on 26 February ... so that you might know I have written to you. I pray, brother, that you are in good health. (2nd hand) Farewell. (Back, 1st hand) To Lucius, decurion (?)."