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Tablet 302

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 88.839


Part of what was presumably the right-hand portion of a diptych. On the front are five lines of a letter written along the grain and, at a right-angle in the left margin, parts of four more lines; these must have been written between the columns, as in 311 (contrast 316 where the notches in the left-hand edge show that the marginal writing must have been at the left of col.i). There is no sign of a closure, but it could have been written (if brief) in the left margin or below the lines which are along the grain, if something has been lost from the bottom of the leaf. On the back is the end of an address which suggests that the recipient was probably a slave of Verecundus (no doubt the prefect of 210-2). The content of the letter, the acquisition of foodstuffs, is appropriate to a domestic slave in the praetorium. Not enough of the address on the back survives to give us any clue to the identity of the author but the negotiations about relatively perishable foodstuffs suggest that he cannot have been very far away. The way in which the letter is set out is slightly odd. The beginning of the surviving part is written as a list, like that in 309 except that the numbers are written out rather than represented by digits. Thereafter, although the text still reads as a list with glosses, three lines are written continuously and the latter two are indented. There may be something missing at the bottom of the leaf. The hand is very like that of 498 and could well be the work of the same person.

. . . . . . . . . .
n 1 fabae frensae m(odios) duos
n 2 pullos uiginti
n 3 mala si potes formonsa inueni-
n 4 re centum oua centum aut
n 5 ducenta si ibi · aequo emantur
. . . . . . . . . .
n n 1 ]rio mulsi si ebr.[
n n 2 ]mus (sextarios) viii muriae .[
n n 3 ].s modium oliuae [
n 4 ].no [[..m]]
. . . .
n 1 traces
n 2 Verecundi
n 3 traces?


"... bruised beans, two modii, chickens, twenty, a hundred apples, if you can find nice ones, a hundred or two hundred eggs, if they are for sale there at a fair price. ... 8 sextarii of fish-sauce ... a modius of olives ... (Back) To ... slave (?) of Verecundus."