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Tablet 304

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 87.767


A fragment of a leaf containing three lines, presumably of a letter. It is important because it contains a clear and unequivocal reference to the organisation of a census, which must be taken to apply to the frontier region. For arguments in favour of the universality of the provincial census see Brunt (1990), 329-35, citing evidence for the involvement of military personnel, which the Vindolanda text must also be taken to illustrate. The evidence for census procedures in Britain in this period is discussed by Frere (1987), 188-9; note particularly ILS 1338, the censitor Anauuorum in the north (cf. also Southern (1989), 97, PNRB 249-50), and ILS 2740, a censitor at Colchester.

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n 2 censús · administret · unam
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