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Tablet 305

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 88.828


A diptych containing remains of two columns of a letter. The left-hand portion preserves remains of 5 lines of the first column and the right much abraded traces of 7 or 8 lines of the second. The back of the left-hand side also has abraded traces of 4 lines which indicates that the letter was continued on the reverse of the leaf (cf. 292, 303). The address as usual is written on the back of the right-hand portion. We have been unable to read anything except odd letters of the text on the front of the right-hand side or the back of the left. On the latter, it looks as if we might have a second hand, although what can be made out does not suggest any of the familiar closing formulae. The main hand is an unremarkable cursive which uses the apex mark in the address.

. . . . . . .
1 traces
2 c.5 habes quid ergo
n 3 a te impetrauerim re-
n 4 scribe mi ut ...[.]....
n 5 his.b[.]..[
. . . . . . .
6 traces of 7/8 lines
7 m2?traces of 4 lines
n 1 m1?Vettió Seueró
n 2 ..[
. . . . .