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Tablet 309

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.051


The tablet survives in a number of fragments and the placing of some of the smaller of these is somewhat uncertain. The text is complete except that the beginnings of lines at the start of col.ii are lost. Though couched in the form of a letter, it is in fact no more than an inventory of goods despatched. Most of these are wooden items - components of carts etc., which are being sent to the recipient in relatively large numbers (compare Ed. Diocl. 15). It seems likely that both the sender and the recipient were civilians working for the military rather than soldiers, and the transport of such manufactured wooden objects to a military post is of considerable interest (cf. 185.20-1). For additional comments on possible evidence for civilian trading activity at Vindolanda see 180, introduction. The hand responsible for the body of the letter is rather inelegant, whereas the second hand, that of the author himself, has some style to it. There are faint traces of an address on the back.

n 1 Metto Aduecto plurimam suo
2 salutem
n 3 missi tibi materias per Saconem
n 4 modiolan(umero) xxxiiii
n 5 axses carrariosn(umero) xxxiix
n 6 inibi axsis tornatusn(umero) [i
n 7 radian(umero) ccc
n n 8 axses ad lectumn(umero) xxvi
n n 9 sessionesn(umero) viii
n n 10 bruscas[n(umero)] ii
n n 11 plutean(umero) xx[
n n 12
n n 13 ].n(umero) xxix
n 14 ]..ilian(umero) vi
15 ] missi tibi pelliculas caprinas n(umero) vi
16 uacat
17 [opto] bene ualeas frater
n 1 traces of 2 lines


"Metto (?) to his Advectus (?) very many greetings. I have sent you wooden materials through the agency of Saco: hubs, number, 34 axles for carts, number, 38 therein an axle turned on the lathe, number, 1 spokes, number, 300 planks (?) for a bed, number, 26 seats, number, 8 (?) knots (?), number, 2 (?) boards (?), number, 20+ ..., number, 29 benches (?), number, 6 I have sent you goat-skins, number, 6 (2nd hand) I pray that you are in good health, brother."