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Tablet 312

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 88.935


A diptych which is complete at the foot and is lacking the top and part of the left side of both the left- and right-hand portions; there are two tie-holes and two notches in the right-hand edge. It contains a letter from Tullio to a duplicarius whose gentilicium is Cessaucius. The hand is rather crude and sprawling, sometimes leaning to the left, sometimes to the right; o is sometimes interesting, especially in non (line i.5, where n is also noteworthy), as is g in rogo (ii.3); r and q frequently have very long descenders.

. . . . . . . .
1 traces
n 2 [ c.9 ] ad quem cum primum
3 [potes r]ogo uenias habemus enim
n 4 [c.3].[ c.4 ].arem de rebus quas mih[i
n 5 misseras non q.... ille sciat
6 .e.... scri[p]sisses.c. traces
n 7 [ c.7 d]ebeo tibi (denarios) x
n 8 [ c.6 Can]didum et Natalem
9 [ c.5 ] rogo aliquid
10 [ c.4 ]orum mihi mittas
n 11 r[ogo] Vir..cium excipias bene
12 uacat
13 m2?opto bene ualeas ual(e)
n 1 m1Coris traces
n 2 Cessaucio Ni.rin[
n 3 dup(licario)
n 4 a Tullioni


"... I ask you to come to him as soon as you are able. For we consider him a friend of ours (?). About the things which you had sent me ...why he should know (?) ... you (?) had written ... I owe you 10 denarii. ... Candidus and Natalis ... I ask you to send me some ... I ask you to give Viriocius (?) a warm welcome. (2nd hand?) I pray that you enjoy good health. Farewell. (Back, 1st hand) (Deliver) at Coria of the Textoverdi (?), to Cessaucius Nigrinus (?), duplicarius, from Tullio."