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Tablet 316

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.183.b


Part of the left-hand portion of a diptych with two notches in the left-hand edge. The configuration of the text, in which the single trace of the first line stands well to the left of the beginning of line 2 and the latter, in turn, commences to the left of the following 5 lines, indicates that we very probably have the beginning of the letter minus the opening address. It is uncertain whether there is anything missing at the bottom of this column; the whole of col.ii is lost. There are six lines written by a second hand in the left margin at a right-angle, across the grain. The last line in the margin contains a closing greeting and must be presumed to be the end of the letter. The subject of the letter is the transport of stone; for this activity in the region of Vindolanda see also 314 and cf. P.Mich.VIII 466. The first hand is a rather elegant cursive with squarish letter-forms, which does not use ligature.

n 1 .[
n 2 quem modum carrulorum
3 missurus sis domine
n 4 deliberare tecum debes
5 ad lapidem portandum
n 6 Voconti enim centu[
n 7 carrulis uno die la.[
. . . . . . .
8 m2nisi rogas Voconti[
9 ut lepidem exp[
10 non explicabi[
11 rogo ut rescri[bas
12 quid uelis me [
13 opto bene [ualeas


"... you ought to decide, my lord, what quantity of wagons you are going to send to carry stone. For the century of Vocontius ... on one day with wagons ... (2nd hand) Unless you ask Vocontius to sort out (?) the stone, he will not sort it out. I ask you to write back what you want me to do (?). I pray that you are in good health."