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Tablet 319

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 85.274


A fragment containing the beginning of a letter to a praefectus of a cohort. Very little of the message survives but the tablet is unusual in that the address has been written on the back of what would normally be expected to be the left-hand portion of the diptych rather than the right. Alternatively, we may have a letter which began on the right-hand portion, like 343. We prefer the first hypothesis but it cannot, of course, be proved. Neither the sender nor the addressee can be identified elsewhere in the tablets.

n 1 Libr.... Veranio suo
2 salutem
n 3 aliquando .....ram
4 ..qu......[
5 traces
. . . . . . . .
n 1 traces
2 praef(ecto) coh(ortis)
n 3 a Lib..... (centuriae) ......